We care about our investors, that's why we use advanced technology to protect from attack.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - a cryptographic protocol, that provides a secure connection between a client and server, in consequence of which you can be sure in transfer of important information to website of our company.

DDos Protected.
DoS-attack (Denial of Service) - it's an attack on a computer system in order to bring it to the full denial, that is, the creation of an environment, in which the legal (legitimate) users of the system can't access to the provided system resources (to servers), or this access is difficult. Our specialists are carefully monitoring our servers and constantly keeping them in good condition. We exclude any risk of attack, we are able successfully to prevent it.

License script.
Licensed software is one of the main security measures. We use only high-quality product, protected from different types of injections.

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