Anti-Spam Policy

In order to protect our investors, we have a policy of "zero tolerance" regarding spamming from behalf of our company.
Spam - this is distribution of commercial and other advertising or other forms of communication (information) to persons, who didn't express desire to receive them.
If you send spam messages from our behalf to people without their agreement, you risk to be blocked on our website.
You, as our partner, have to understand, that we are not going to tolerate the sending of unsolicited spam messages.
Never make fake emails from behalf of our company. In case of violation of this rule, our company has right to stop working with you.
If you have received spam messages from our company, we suggest you to contact with our support team. Your application will be reviewed in the near future, and the violator will be blocked.
Our company blocks your account immediately and stops payment in case of violation of these rules. In addition, our company has the right to legal action against the violator of the rules.
If you received a spam message, please, contact with us.

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